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a bit about me:

I'm Sharon Fielding an artist / maker based in Bristol UK and chief creator of a wide variety of unique and limited edition handmade products and artwork. I have been creatively experimental for most of my adult life, in 2010 I started a creative project where I had to do something creative everyday for 365 days. At the tail end of this I had more creations than I could keep and more than I could give away to friends and family so someone suggested I try selling them. Gert Lush Designs was officially born from this in April 2011.


The name is adopted from the  Bristolian saying 'Gert Lush' defined in the urban dictionary as 'the highest form of praise given to anything by a Bristolian' It seemed a fitting choice since I try to make all of my creations as Gert Lush as possible!


This site has been created as way to share all of my shops with you under one link. Click on an image below to find out more about each shop.

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