I have been a proud founding KINDpreneur at KIND shop since it opened its doors in August 2020. My KIND shop is where you will find my eco friendly reusable gift bags plus other textile products which have been made from recycled clothing, curtains or salvaged unwanted upholstery fabrics. This shop is also where I sell my mindfulness colouring sheets and artwork with positive quotes to help boost mental health for others. I have lived with depression and anxiety for most of my adult life so I am not a stranger to needing positive reminders in life or moments of calm to escape my own thoughts.
If you are looking for something specific then you can use the buttons below to head straight to certain sections of my shop to save you having to look through everything to find what you are looking for as I know this can sometimes be annoying! Alternatively click on the 'find my shop' image to just generally browse my full range.
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KIND Shop is the UK's KIND marketplace. This platform caters specifically for KINDpreneurs using their business to make our world a better place. Businesses who are focused on doing meaningful work that matters and have a genuine concern for others or the planet. They are the change makers and solution providers with the quest to put our world on a better course. Inspiring other thought leaders to create conscious businesses, with the goal of one day making them the new business-as-usual. This platforms main aim is to become the place to connect Conscious Shoppers who care about the same things we do.
If you are a business that fits the brief then why not come apply to join the KIND family of sellers!
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FREE Print At Home Mindfulness Colouring